Speed wind

Global Cold Storage installation company

(China) Speed Wind Refrigeration, is an international refrigerating room, cold storage installation, refrigeration equipment, cold chain warehouse, industrial ice machine installation and sales company, has a professional technical team, energy-saving engineering research and development, engineering design, the pursuit of quality, energy-saving , service, providing energy-saving design solutions.
Philippines, Vietnam, Nicaea, South Korea, Singapore, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, experience in building and installing international cold chain.

Professional R & D team, original energy-saving technology, modern cold storage construction, saving more than 50%, providing international refrigeration and refrigeration energy-saving technology solutions.
There is a problem with the telephone feedback device, and the dispatch technician provides 24-hour on-site service.
Top equipment, no maintenance, integrated rolling unit, low noise, no special machine room, environmentally friendly and energy-saving refrigerant, easy to install, pay attention to engineering construction quality.
 SPEED WIND refrigeration, original low-temperature refrigeration energy-saving technology, efficient cooling, energy saving more than 50%, no electricity, no charge, for international cold storage construction 
The compressor is the heart of the entire refrigeration system. Good engineering design is inextricably linked to the quality of the compressor. Refrigeration units are divided into screw machines, scroll machines, piston machines, parallel units, using world-renowned compressors, such as Bitzer, Luwei, Fujihao, Hitachi and other brands to ensure the effective operation of each refrigeration project.
Refrigeration warehouse specifications are divided into: constant temperature, frozen, frozen, frozen, quick-freezing, suitable for fruits, vegetables, food, aquatic products, seafood, pasta, pharmaceuticals, industry, ice cream, warehousing. Design refrigerated installation and construction as needed.
The chilled and frozen control box adopts PLC control cabinets such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron and Schneider. It has multi-purpose, remote control, information collection, high-end customization and quality assurance.

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